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Terms and Conditions



This is an important document which the parties hereto agree will be legally binding upon them. Participants are recommended to take their own legal advice on the terms and conditions.


1. “Rust 2 Rome” is a trading name of Mark (otherwise Marko) Vincent Fleming hereinafter “the organiser”.


2. “Rust 2 Rome” the event, is not a rally, race or competition. It is an organised driving tour from Scotland to Rome, Italy passing through various countries on the way; hereinafter “the event”.


3. The event is open to any party that satisfies the criteria for entry, hereinafter “the participant”. The term the participant, includes the singular and plural, the male and the female and where the term includes more that one party, the rights and obligations conferred by these terms and conditions will be deemed to be jointly and severally applied.


4. The participant will be driving his/her own vehicle. The vehicle must be road legal, taxed, insured and have a current VOSA MOT certificate for the whole duration of the event. The participant will ensure that the vehicle exhibits number plates at front and rear and that the insurance policy is current and valid for all the countries visited. The participant will carry at all times a current and valid “Green Card” permitting European travel and all parts of a full current and valid driving licence. The participant will be responsible for any person who is a passenger or is being carried in his vehicle, being a vehicle included in the event, whether or not that person so carried, could be deemed to be a participant. The organiser does not give authority for animals or other wildlife to be carried by a participant. If the participant carries any animal or wildlife on his person or in his vehicle, then he will be solely responsible for any consequences of so doing.


5. The participant will not compete in any manner with any other participant or any other road user during the event. The participant will drive safely, will not drive recklessly and will show proper courtesy to other participants, road users and members of the public. The participant will not place bets of any kind in relation to the event. The participant will comply with all requests, orders and directions made by the organiser during the event.


6. The participant will comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which he/she is driving, and without prejudice to the foregoing generality, these include all local and national speed limits, laws of the road, and laws relating to the use or possession of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances. The organiser does not accept and will not be held responsible for the participant being arrested by the relevant authorities for whatever reason and that whether connected with the event or not.


7. The organiser accepts no responsibility for the participant being refused entry, passage and/or exit by any country authority on route and any costs incurred by such refusal are the responsibility of the participant.


8. The entry fee into the event does not include personal purchases, fuel, telephone bills or other expenses of whatever nature incurred while participating in the event and without prejudice to the foregoing generality, the entry fee does not include extra hotel expenses over and above those already paid by the organiser, forwarding or recovering luggage, fines of any sort or the cost of any damage done to a hotel or venue being visited. Any costs or expenses mentioned in this clause are the sole responsibility of the participant.


9. The participant will not consume alcohol or use drugs or other prohibited substances while driving or attempting to drive. The participant will not drive or attempt to drive while his/her ability is impaired by reason of illness, lack of rest or any other cause or condition.


10. The participant will indemnify the organiser and his authorised officers and agents against all third party claims and legal actions whatsoever and howsoever arising from the participant’s action and/or involvement in the event.


11. The participant will not hold the organiser responsible for any incident, event or occurrence, whether natural or man made, that is beyond the control of the organiser and causes the organiser to be unable to fulfil his obligations under these terms and conditions, meaning that the event may have to be altered or abandoned altogether, or meet the terms and conditions of any other ancillary agreement between the participant and the organiser.


12. No refund of the entry fee will be made in any circumstance or for any reason and, without prejudice to the foregoing generality no refund of the entry fee will be made before, during or after the event, or whether the participant withdraws or is asked to leave the event, or the organiser cancels or postpones the whole or part of the event.


13. The participant agrees to have the “Rust 2 Rome” and other advertising material affixed to his/her vehicle during the entire event. The participant will not deface or remove such material and will endeavour to keep them clean and visible at all times.


14. The participant agrees to be photographed, filmed, interviewed and written about during, before and after the event. The copyright in perpetuity for any visual or other material produced prior to, during and after the event lies with the organiser. The participant agrees and acknowledges that they will be filmed during the event and images and footage of them may be broadcast on television and other media. The participant consents to his/her image and biographical and event details being used in any publicity and broadcast material.


15. The participant acknowledges that there are risks involved with participating in the event, including and without prejudice to the foregoing generality the risk of traffic accidents, collisions with other participants, other road users and members of the public, hazards of travelling and physical exertion following on from driving long distances and for long period of time. By signing these terms and conditions, the participant acknowledges being warned of these risks and will not apportion blame in any manner on the organiser or make any claim against the organiser in the event of any consequences arising from the said risks.


16. The participant hereby agrees that he will not hold the organiser responsible for any damages, injuries, including death or claims arising from his/her participation in the event.


17. If a participant breaches any of the terms and conditions contained herein in whatever manner, then the organiser reserves the right to compel the participant to leave the event and take no further part in the event. The organiser’s decision in this regard will be final. In the event that the participant is compelled to leave the event in terms of this clause, then the organiser will not be responsible for any damages, costs or other claims for loss incurred in whatever manner, by the participant as a result.


18. These Terms and Conditions are intended to be the whole terms and condition regulating the event, the participant and the organiser.  The proper law of these terms and conditions will be Scots Law. The parties hereto agree that they have been given the opportunity to seek independent legal advice and having done so or declined to do so agree that they understand that these terms and conditions are intended to be legal binding and agree to be so bound.




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