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What kind of Garmin do I need?


We have compiled a list of Garmin's that work with the Rust 2 Rome route. The most important feature you need is the Trip Planner function.  If you have it you will find it in the main menu system of the Garmin. Simply put if you don't have this feature then there is no way you can take advantage of the glorious route planned out, instead you'll be glued to the back of someone else’s bumper hoping you don't loose them. The pre programmed route allows you to enjoy the rally knowing you won't miss out on any of the amazing roads planned, or any of the checkpoints. You will be on the exact same route as everyone else meaning you'll bump into your teammates on a regular basis even if you aren't all travelling together. Of course you can deviate from the route whenever you want, but why would you do that? You will also want to make sure your Garmin has the European maps installed otherwise it won't be much use to you abroad!


Below is a list of Garmins that use the Garmin Home software and all of those have Trip Planner. However best to check with the seller before purchasing just to be sure it has Trip Planner and European maps installed. You can get some of these Garmin's from eBay second hand for as little as £30.

GO x50 series

GO 950 LIVE, GO 950, GO 750 LIVE,

GO 750, GO 550 LIVE & GO 550








GO x40 series

GO 940 LIVE, GO 940, GO 740 LIVE,

 GO 740 & GO 540 LIVE









GO x30 series

GO 930, GO 730, GO 630 & GO 530








GO x20 series

GO 920, GO 720 & GO 520









GO x10 series

GO 910, GO 710 & GO 510









GO x00 series (2005)

GO 700, GO 500 & GO 300









GO XXL series

XXL Classic & XXL IQ Routes








GO XL series

XL Classic, XL LIVE IQ Routes,

XL IQ Routes & XL IQ Routes²








Start series

Start Classic, Start, Start²








ONE series

ONE XL, ONE IQ Routes,

ONE 30 series, ONE 3rd Edition,

ONE 2nd Edition & ONE 1st Edition


Why should I update my Garmin?


You should definitely plug your new Garmin in to your computer and download the software Garmin Home then go and update to the latest maps. This will ensure when you are in a convoy of cars and there is a junction approaching that your Garmin will be telling you to go the same way as the convoy. Otherwise your maps will calculate slightly differently meaning you'll take a different route, you'll still get to the checkpoints but risk getting split up with the rest of the group.


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